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The contents of this website and the services offered by Cheryl McDonough are not intended to replace veterinary care. My services are complimentary to the services offered by medical professionals, and it`s my recommendation that you should always consult with a veterinary practice for any medical issues for your animal.

Importantly all information provided in a Trust Technique® Consultation and in The Trust Technique Video Course is only for use with your own animal companions and the animals you are personally responsible for.

Please see terms and conditions on The Trust Technique® website for details:


During any services provided whilst on your property, if I am liable for any damage to your property during the process of providing my services, I will make good any damages. I am not, however, responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing damages or any other flaws to your property that may be discovered while I am offering the services.

I accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or harm to your animal companions or personal property. I am not liable for any loss, damage or harm to your animal companions or personal property. Your personal property, animal companion(s) are your sole responsibility during the entire time I offer any of my services.

Importantly all actions of your animal companion(s) in your care are your responsibility, meaning you are also liable for their actions even if you are not the legal owner of the animal. You are solely responsible to ensure that your animal companion(s) in your care are safe for people and/or other animals to be around. I accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of your animal companion(s) or any other animal in your care or for which you are responsible.


If I cancel a session or consultation, I will provide every effort to find a mutually appropriate time to reschedule the session or consultation, however if this is not possible then a full refund will be provided to you.
If you need to cancel a session or consultation, please provide at least 72 hours’ notice. If you need to reschedule a session, and this will incur a $50.00 administration fee for rescheduling or cancelling a booked session. No refund will be given if you cancel the session with less than 72 hours’ notice. If you do not make the session appointment time with no prior contact then you will be fully charged for the session. The Refund policy may be reviewed on an individual, case-by-case basis.


This privacy policy sets out how your personal information is handled. Personal information that could identify or is related to the identity of you as an individual. By using this website, you are agreeing to this policy.


In order to work with you and your animal you will need to provide personal information including your name, home address, email address and telephone number.

All your information is collected at the time that you engage with my website or myself, when you contact me.  At the initial consultation you will need to fill in the consultation form which requests your personal information. This form will be stored in compliance with the data protection legislation for New Zealand. This form contains information that I will use to email, phone, or otherwise engage with you.
Your information is private and will not be shared with any other person nor disclosed to any unrelated third party unless required by law.
I am required by law to keep your information for the duration of our engagement and then for seven years after your last consultation.  You can view the information, request any alteration to the information and you have the right to a copy of the information that is stored. I have up to 30 days to gather this information and deliver to you.

This policy was last updated June 2021 and is under yearly review and could change.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about this policy or my privacy practices

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