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You can come to me here in Wainuiomata, or we can do our session online (Teams/Skype/Messenger) and we go through the practice and the principles of the Trust Technique®. I can work with dogs with Trauma, aggression, anxiety, PTSD, adopting a new dog, getting a puppy, seperation anxiety, etc

​We will take the time to go through each of the components of the Trust Technique so that you both have a solid foundation to start from, and then we build better habits and a stronger relationship from here.  Over the course of the weeks, you will see a noticeable difference in your dog, and you will start to understand how and when to do the Trust Technique so that your dog can be peaceful where previously triggered. I will show you different exercises to help your dog build confidence and Trust.


The session generally takes around an hour to go through everything and get some practice in the technique for you both. The current session price starts at $300.00 per session. Please note these are private sessions; extra people will incur additional charges and are by arrangement only. And timing is important! We need to do this at a time of day that is not their feeding time or walkies time, we need a calm environment where I can work with you privately 1-1. 

Our success is dependent on you doing your homework with your dog consistently from the first session together through till the last session. So, keep a window of time daily to go through the exercises I give you so that you can get the biggest benefit from working with me.  If you follow the program partially you will get partial results, if you change nothing at home, nothing will change. If you get stuck in and do the homework you will get the results 


I look forward to working with you.

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Canine Rehabilitation
I also offer dog rehab / immersion at my home for dogs and am happy to discuss this approach with you. Your dog would stay with me and get one on one training over a succession of days so we can interrupt the fear/anxious/aggressive behaviors, and I will also work with you so that you are ready to fully support them going home. This package will be individually tailored to suit.

Musculoskeletal Unwinding Session
I work with your dog in a therapeutic hands on session. Canine musculoskeletal unwinding is a blending of modalities to enrich your dogs health and undo body issues, from the skeleton alignment, releasing throughout the body through fascia, from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. 

Releasing your dogs musculoskeletal issues will reset and keep your dog in good health. 
I work on releasing fascia, releasing trapped emotions, and releasing deep muscular trauma. In the session I blend and use the following; acupressure, Kinesiology, massage, meridian balancing, ortho bionomy and energy therapy in a systematic approach to wellness and soundness. 

Red Light Therapy
For any acute injury I can come and apply a non invasive red light treatment that will assist in your  dogs recover from injury, surgery, or old scars. The quicker you can get red light on an injury the better the treatment and the recovery for your dog. Put simply, the cells in the injured areas use the energy of the Red Light to aid their healing. Red Light therapy has been shown to relieve pain from muscle and joint soreness, relieve symptoms of arthritis, relax muscle spasms and increase blood flow to an area, helping wounds to heal. 
*This is in person only

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