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This technique is a game changer and you can choose how far you want to take this.


The initial session takes you through the principles and understanding of this special Technique. Once you have completed the first session you will feel confident that you can connect with your pet and apply the Trust Technique. I will support you over the next few weeks while you practice with your pet and progressing with follow on sessions which we book at the initial consult. I will work with specific issues that you may want to address, we can work on anything and everything together. You choose how far you want to take this, I am here to support you all the way.



One on One - private sessions

(​Happy to travel to you if out of Wellington, by arrangement)

I work with you and your animal (privately) to establish, or rebuild, a connection of trust and confidence between the two of you.

I work with all types of animals (domestic through to large animals) teaching you and practicing with you the Trust Technique®, sharing with you the unique experience that this is.

I will help you to work through any issues you may be having with your animal in a safe and reliable way. This will shift the fear / worry / anxiousness / aggression / over reaction your animal may be displaying towards a different view, a more loving and peaceful connection ....this is a game changer!

This mindful connection will change your relationship with your animal and take it to a more peaceful place, for both of you. It works on creating a level of trust between you where your animal will want to work with you in a whole new way.

In the sessions we can work on any of your animals' issues including

  • Behavioral issues

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Fear / Aggression

  • General set up for a new dog or rescue dog



One on one - Private Session

Once you have been practicing the Trust Technique® and you have established a foundation of connected-ness we can now start to progress to the next stage, this includes how to take the Trust Technique® and apply it to different situations and build in this approach to assist with any behavioral issues.


In these sessions I will teach you how to use this technique in all situations for you and your animal's well-being.  

We start to apply this technique to areas where previously you and your animal may have struggled, and I will teach you how to use this technique, how to apply and when.   

We will turn the outcome around towards a peaceful and calm pet enjoying the trust and confidence provided by their human no matter what the environment is or the situation is

For you and your dog this could be;

  • Fear or aggression when out walking and seeing people / dogs / cars 

  • Fear or anxiousness being home alone - separation anxiety

  • Aggression when approached 

  • Aggression in the home 

  • Guarding the door or guarding people

  • Fear leaving the home or fear of the car

  • Aggression towards other smaller animals 

  • Or just setting up things so everything goes smoothly when getting a rescue dog or new puppy

  • etc

For you and your horse this could be;

  • Catching / Leading

  • Fidgeting on Tacking up

  • Anxiousness on Riding/Fear of Riding

  • Fear of Floating

  • Out on the trail, spooking, 

  • Fear of water or puddles or rivers

  • etc

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