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I will come to your paddock (or we set up a skype/facetime session) to work with you and your animal (horse, llama, donkey, mini, pet cow, pet goat, pet sheep etc)  and show you the special connection that is the Trust Technique®.


I will help you with your relationship with your pet, using the Trust Technique® to build Trust and Confidence for you both going through the practice and principles so that you are comfortable applying this technique.

The session generally takes around an hour to go through everything and get some practice in the technique for you both. These are private sessions, extra people will incur charges and are by arrangement only. The current session price is $300.00 per session plus travel charges.

Timing is important! It needs to be a time of day that is not their feeding time, we need a calm environment were I can work with you privately 1-1.


You will need to have on hand a halter and lead rope.


I look forward to working with you.



Musculoskeletal Unwinding - Bodywork Therapy

I can come to your paddock and start the work to release musculoskeletal issues to keep your horse sound and rideable. I work on releasing fascia, releasing trapped emotions, releasing deep muscular trauma. In the session I blend and use acupressure, Kinesiology, massage, meridian balancing, ortho bionomy and energy therapy in a systematic approach to wellness and soundness. 

For general well-being / injury repair/or for a general once over check in pre riding season then I can come and do an extensive session for your horse. This will be ideal to ensure health and wellness for your horse and help him stay in tip top shape for all of his years.

*This is in person only


Laminitis Recovery

If you would like some REAL information on Laminitis instead of wasting money and time and effort on things that don`t work, or don`t interrupt the cause. I can help - get in touch for a 1-1 consultation to help you and your horse cut through all the good advice and get you focused on your horses recovery quick smart.

*This can be in person or on skype/facetime

Red Light Therapy

For any acute injury I can come and apply a non invasive red light treatment that will assist in your horses recovery. The quicker you can get red light on an injury the better the treatment and the recovery for your horse. Put simply, the cells in the injured areas use the energy of the Red Light to aid their healing. Red Light therapy has been shown to relieve pain from muscle and joint soreness, relieve symptoms of arthritis, relax muscle spasms and increase blood flow to an area, helping wounds to heal.

*This is in person only

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