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Trust Technique Practitioner,
sharing a peaceful and trusting approach to helping people with their animals, specializing in working with dogs and horses

Specializing in helping with any of the following - Trauma / Aggression / Separation anxiety / Setting up for new dog or adoption / Anxiety / Car sickness / Biting / Resource Guarding / etc


I am a certified Trust Technique pet behaviorist, and I also do bodywork for equine and canine pets. 

I work with all animals and specialise in working with fear / aggression / anxious animals 

I have different tools incuding

  • Trust Technique

  • Emotion Code Releasing

  • Musculoskeletal Unwinding

  • Red light Therapy.

Trust Technique and Emotion Code Releasing are available globally on skype or facetime.

The hands on bodywork therapies are available in the wider Wellington area.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


The Trust Technique is a method of mindfulness between animals and people, that connects and heals both. This new method has a deep message of hope and understanding which gives people a simple way to help both animals and humans with this authentic gift.

If you would like to try a new approach for your pet, you may have tried a lot of other training techniques and given up....

I can help you

  • in 1 hour start a different journey with your pet

  • in 1 hour build trust and confidence with your pet

  • teach you to start to really listen to what is going on

The distinctions of the Trust Technique® change the way you and your animal interact and how you both view the world, its a game changer which I would be privileged to show you


This technique is an extra ordinary approach to connect with your pet in an authentic way and work through any worries either of you may have.

I work with you and your animal (both domestic and large animals) to show you how to get that amazing relationship you have always wanted.

Using the Trust Technique® takes away the `make/dominance/I`m the boss` conversations and replaces it with trust, confidence, peace and truly is a special way of working with your animal.

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